Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Property Borders explains reasons to invest in booming Morocco

• Only 2 Hours 40 mins from UK.

• Fast ferry to Spains costa del sol takes only 35 mins.

• Time zone same as UK GMT.

• One of the best cuisines in the world and alcohol Served in bars and restaurants.

• Languages spoken Arabic, French, Spanish, English.

• Better climate than Spain Average temperature in north 19 degrees celsius.

• Booming Tourism Industry with Year round rental potential.

• Exotic, mystical culture

• Moorish Architecture at its best.

• Politically stable country with a pro western government encouraging foreign investment.

• 1,400 miles of Stunning beaches

• Great for sport lovers with top class golf courses, skiing, surfing and trekking available.

• Generosity and Hospitality is the backbone of the county.

• Morocco is a emerging market economy. With strong growth.

• Very cheap transport for travel in and out of cities.

• New infrastructure already under construction roads, marinas, airports, motorways, ports.

• Visionary innovative king promoting the country

• Yacht club and berth fees for under £27/month

• Low cost of living Enjoy luxury lifestyle for very little

• Morocco is a celebrity magnet. Famous home owners include Richard Branson, The Rolling Stones, The Beckhams, Yves Saint Laurent and Malcolm Forbes


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